RacePad v2.1

RacePad is a Android App which is used as a gamepad/joystick to Windows PC games or Windows 8 games with your Android Mobile/Tablet using Bluetooth or WiFi wireless connection. To use RacePad you need to install two softwares RacePad (Android client) and  RacePadServer (Windows server) . This App provides you to save keyboard button mappings and send its corresponding virtual code to simulate/mimic the keyboard clicks. This App also provides to use your Android Accelerometer to steer in game which will give you best racing game experience and you can also save your game profiles remotely in your RacePadServer App and save your button mappings from keyboard . RacePad provides all basic keyboard buttons / shortcuts which will allow you to operate your PC remotely in your Bluetooth range.

Be sure to install the RacePad Android client in your Android Mobile/Tablet &

RacePadServer Windows server in your Windows PC

Installation Notes

Minimum requirements to Run this App

  • One Windows PC & Android Mobile/Tablet

  • Android version 4.0 & up

  • Any version of Windows operating System

  • Bluetooth or WiFi supported PC & Android

  • Hardware requirements are similar to above mentioned Android OS &  Windows OS minimum requirements

Update info

RacePad v2.0 only supports only Bluetooth wireless communication with server in next update we will try to provide WiFi wireless communication and many more new features too



Now Race Pad v2.1 Available Download Now